Summer 2013 097
I was delinquent last week.  I barely posted.  The reason?  I took my family on a California trip  We started in San Fran, went down the coast, stopping in Monterey, and then spent the rest of the week having a blast in Los Angeles.
Now you’d think, if there ever was a time to share stories or images of beauty, it would have been that week!  After all, we saw some of the most beautiful natural sites that exist, especially when driving down California’s Highway 1.
But instead of capturing and sharing all of the many possible shots, I held myself back.  What you see above is one my husband took and shared with me.
You see I have spent that last year examining how MUCH people are capturing, manipulating and sharing the images that surround us.  And what’s so great is that so many of these photos are of everyday things presented in a new light.  So we get to see how our everyday lives aren’t blah but actually quite intriguing.  I love the fact that we have the opportunity , thanks to all the new tech afforded to us, to be our very own professional photographers.  I also love the fact that we can communicate to one another via a visual language.  It not only makes us appreciate the beauty in front of us that much more, but it allows us to literally speak to people who may not speak the same verbal language as us. (There’s a great NY Times article that points to this as well)
But I didn’t indulge in my love for photographing this time.  I felt I needed to embrace these intense yet fleeting moments.  I wanted to live the scene, not be concerned about capturing it and fretting about where, when and when to share it.
Now, I have to confess,  I didn’t have the best camera.  My phone was on the fritz so I needed to borrow an old one.  But that is really an excuse.  I just wanted to feel the imagery and beauty myself.  I wanted to be selfish.
I’m sorry I was not generous this time around.  Perhaps the way I can gift you anything is by urging you to experience this beauty yourself.  Get your butts out of your seats and go there!  You won’t regret it 🙂

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