This is just a sample of the new make-up I bought in an effort to look camera-ready for my talks and interviews.  My stylist/beauty consultant, Alicia Monica, gave me a laundry list of items to buy (see below).   I’ve been slowly gathering these items so as not to cause a heart attack due to the price tag.  But I will soon be in front of the camera — from far away and up close.  So I took the plunge and bought most of the goodies on the list. The lipstick is still so jarring though that I’ve had to hold off.  (I have a feeling I’ll succumb soon ;))

What are these two events I’m referring to?  The first is a talk I’m fortunate enough to be doing with some of the TED Ads Worth Spreading folks and creative directors in Cannes, France.  I just published a piece, Memes with Meaning, an anthropological deep-dive into our relationship with Sight, Sound and Motion on the Internet.  I’m going to be sharing insights from this study in light of the Ads Worth Spreading winners.   Hopefully the weather will change (it’s been pretty crappy there as you know if you’ve been following the Cannes Film Festival) and we’ll be presenting in front of a butt load of ad folks in a posh tent on the beach.

The second is a straight-to-camera interview I’m doing for a show for FAWN, Michelle Phan’s company.  Not only is this a video for a world-renowned make-up artist, but it’s the company’s launch video of this sort!  So, um , DUH, I better look damn good, right?

Wearing so much bright make-up is a bit uncomfortable.  And I’m constantly wondering if I look like I’m playing dress-up.  But I have to rely on the experts here.  Every situation is an experiment.  And in true Google fashion, I have to launch and iterate.

I’ll be sure to take pics from the event and post my videos for all of your reactions!


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