My Skirt

About Face is a new HBO documentary about super models of the past talking about aging in their industry and in the world in general.  While I haven’t had time to watch the whole piece, (though I can’t wait to!) I have seen snippets of it.  In one of them these amazingly gorgeous women talk about being ignored once they got older.

I’ve certainly come across this complaint in many sources.  And I’ve probably experienced this myself, though I’m usually too busy to notice too much these days.  But, I have to admit, not getting as many glances from men (or women for that matter) as I age does seem rather depressing.

But I think I have a solution to this!

It’s called an amazing wardrobe.

I don’t mean we all have to shell out tons of dough to be noticed.  And I certainly don’t think we should all dress like weirdos.  We want to be noticed for the right things, of course!

I came to this insight yesterday.

I was wearing a highly unusual but beautiful skirt that I purchased over 12 years ago for my honeymoon.  It was never really in fashion which why it will always stay in fashion!  It’s a long, body-hugging, white silk piece with different colored flowers embroidered into it.  The skirt is eclipsed by long white silk tassels that grace my shins.

So what happened?

A very nice older gentleman, whom I had never met, approached me and complimented me on my skirt.  I don’t think he was trying to flirt with me nor do I think he was a fashion plate himself.  He was just a nice man noticing me thanks to my awesome outfit!

I don’t think I’m the first to come to this insight.  If you walk the streets of Manhattan (and I’m sure other streets around the country), you’ll see gorgeous women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s walking around with interesting colored hair, cool outfits and fantastic jewelry.  You can’t help but notice, admire and even take a few notes!

Moral of the story?  If you still want to be noticed for your beauty, you can.  It may not be for your tanned thighs or especially perky boobs, but, instead, for your sense of style.  That an’t so bad, no? 🙂

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