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Having “grown-up” in the advertising world, I used to hear about all the cool architectural spaces that different ad agencies built to inspire creativity.  Usually those spaces were out West where open space was less hard to come by than in the skyscrapers of Madison Ave.  I would listen with half an ear since it didn’t really affect me.  I still had to contend with cubes and modular desks.

But once most agencies touted their new spaces, the conversation around the value of cool architecture to inspire creativity became old news.  Seemingly more important issues like winning business or holding on to existing business became the main focus of the industry’s conversations for the next decade or so.

Years later, I’m fortunate enough to visit agencies across the country in my new gig.  And, boy, do I now realize the impact of amazingly beautiful spaces.  These environments — from Portland to San Francisco to L.A., are unique to each agency and their individual cultures, and breathtaking and fun at the same time.  You want to just hang out in these spaces all day!

I wish I had the luxury of ideating in places like these while in advertising.  I could only imagine how much more inspired I would have been.

Now you’re probably thinking, “I don’t work in an ad agency” or “‘my company isn’t remodeling any time soon, so what does this mean for me?”

True, not all of us have the luxury of working in spaces like these BUT we can do something small to our little work environments to make them more inspiring.  Start by CLEANING UP!  Sometimes de-cluttering makes a world of difference.  Then look for little places and spaces to add color, framed art work or tiny sculptures — the weirder and more creative the better.  Not only will these changes inspire you, but they may get your office mates to do the same.

Example: 5 of my colleagues share an office.  They not ony painted it, but put some wall paper up in spaces, and hung some cool, framed art work.  They also have flowers at their desk.  I love to go visit them as a result!

Once a few people start noticing and following suit, then your entire floor will look more inviting.  And who knows, maybe the office manager will feel the vibe of your floor and say, “hold on here, let’s capture this on an office-wide level.”

Don’t devalue the beauty of the space you occupy everyday.  It can change your outlook, sense of creativity, and can even inspire others too!

Now it’s my turn.  I recently moved offices and it needs a refresher.

I’ll let you know how it looks once we’re all done 🙂

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