The party period has officially launched.  As we all know, these next few weeks are filled with holiday lunches, office parties and soirees full of old a new friends.

To add to all this fun and fanfare is some exciting Beautyskew news.

Starting this week we are featuring a new contributing editor: the wonderful Karen Propp.

You may already know that she is not only a digital marketing guru in her own right, and has created a company and launched many websites, but she is the brains behind this beautifully engineered and looking Beautyskew refresh.

Now not only will you get to see the fruits of her labor every time you click through Beautyskew, but you’ll get to read her stories/thoughts/comments as well!  And I’m thrilled to say that while we both agree on the point of view of the site, i., e., we share a love for beauty and promote the pursuit of it, we definitely have different takes on the definition of beauty and how we incorporate it into our lives.

Karen is launching her special weekly feature starting this Wednesday. 

So stay tuned!

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