What if I told you to imagine this: a single scene, empty-ish dance floor, and lots of older people looking for love.

Yikes, right?

Actually the opposite. I was TOTALLY inspired by what I saw.

While I was not personally on that dance floor, I saw a clip of this scene on New York 1’s 21st Century Matchmaking segment.

Why was I inspired?

There were a few women featured who must have been at LEAST 75 years old.  In fact one was in her 80’s.  They looked awesome.  They didn’t look all pinched and carved as if they went through rounds of plastic surgery.  Instead they aged gracefully. But still looked relatively hip.  Net net, it can get even rosy-er as we age.

What was even more inspiring was their attitude and fantastic moves on the dance floor.  They didn’t hesitate to strut their stuff and even dance with one another when no men were around.  They were full of life and happiness.  The very fact that they got off their butts and went to a singles event is one thing.  The fact that they made the most of it and have a ball is a whole other one.

Wow, for all of us youngsters out there who may bemoan how we look and the prospect of going to yet another singles event, take one look at these lovely ladies and you’ll want to get out there too!

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