No, I haven’t been given any special powers or anything.  I can’t claim that I personally have received any special gift to see women through men’s eyes.  But I read a cool article in which another women received such insight.  So I thought I would share a bit of what she experienced.

While stranded in Toronto from Friday until Saturday night (OK, stranded is a bit of an exaggeration; Toronto is actually a pretty cool city), I had some time to dig into all the magazines that had piling up over the weeks.  I came across an article in Marie Claire, “The Egg Hunt,” by Daniela Petrova.  In it she describes how her challenges with infertility have led her and her husband to seek an egg donor.  Potential donors can be chosen via the web.  While the donors’ stats are published, e.g., education, country of origin, etc., what the author keeps focusing on are their looks.  And not just overall looks, but even their minute features.

While we women recognize a good looking woman when we see one, let’s face it, we usually do it to either (1) get some pointers or (2) compare ourselves to our “competition.”  But in Petrova’s case, the thinking is closer to that of primitive (and modern-day) man: is she hot enough to boff, because, ultimately, I’m mingling my progeny with hers.

I know most guys don’t consciously think like that but, as many beauty theorists claim (see Survival of the Prettiest), man’s attraction to certain features springs from his desire for healthy, vital offspring.

Thankfully I never had to face Petrova’s struggles.  But as a mother, I totally understand the hope for attractive children.  Of course beauty isn’t the most critical feature to me by any means.  One look at my kids’ wardrobes and hairstyles and you’ll see that!  But there’s no doubt that I feel a sense of relief that my kids are attractive.

I applaud Petrova’s courage to let us peek into her grueling process and her honesty about what matters to her when creating her new family — high cheekbones and all!

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