With all the accessible, amazing digital devices at our fingertips, are we seeing differently?

I say so!

Let me explain.

I was walking home from work and looking out for any interesting scenes for to shoot with my camera (aka smart phone).  I didn’t have a particular project in mind nor was I thinking about supplementing our blog.  It was just an initial reaction to the scenery that was surrounding me.  This unconscious desire to photograph the streets, buildings and people has made me sit up and take notice of the beauty around me versus walking the way home in a semi-daze like I’ve had for so many years before.  Know that feeling when you’ve walked for a while and arrived to your destination not really remembering how you got there?  That was me for so long.

We are seeing in new ways.  For many of us, look at the world around us in terms of what makes a great photo!

Now some would say this is a perfect example of our subjugation to technology and all it comes with, e.g., social media, instant photos, photoshopping and picture editing applications.  Why can’t we just admire the world without any motivation other than enjoyment?

But I actually think it’s a wonderful thing!  The digital revolution has made us more aware of the beauty around us.  Who cares if that beauty is seen through the lens of a smart phone and then shared with millions of others.  If we’re finally noticing and really seeing this beauty, versus walking around in a fog, I say bring the tech on!

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