I know, I know, I’ve been BAAADDDD.  I’ve been SO out of my element these past few weeks that I haven’t contributed squat.  Here’s the deal: I was prepping for and dealing with the whole Passover “thing.”  This meant scrubbing the house, figuring out the Seders and keeping my kids fed despite the slim pickings.  Phew — so NOT my forte.

Now that I’m back in the “living,” I’ve had time to re-focus on beauty.  In fact, I spent the holiday studying a book my friend gifted me called: “Perfumes The Guide” by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez  Yep, the title is THAT simple.  You’d think this title would be taken a million times over.  But, no.  You know why?  Because there’s just not that many serious analyses of scent out there.

Bizarre, no?  Our sense our smell one of our key senses.  And the perfume industry is booming.  How many stars have come out with their own versions of perfume this year alone?!

And, yet, scent still alludes us a bit.  Perhaps our visual sensibility has been our focus as of late thanks to all the advances in technology — digital cameras, Instagram, iMovie, etc.  Scent is still something we haven’t been truly able to capture via tech.  Someday — yes, but not yet.

Or maybe it’s because we don’t encounter it right way.  Unless someone wears buckets of perfume, we can’t discern most beautiful scents from far away.  But we can certainly hear and see for miles.

I also wonder if our lack of true understanding of scent stems from our Americanized views towards hygiene.  Bodies ought to be clean and therefore smell clean.  What represents a clean smell?  The smell of soap.  Perfume, after all, was developed to mask  the body odor of our ancestors in Europe who rarely bathed — yuck.

Whatever the reason, I realized it was time to conquer this space.

Ha, little did I know how complicated this is.  The book gives a good description of the history of perfumes and then dives into an analysis of hundreds of perfumes.

Armed with some of this knowledge, I took my first trip to try on some scents.  Needless to say it was overwhelming.  Some that were considered top by the book’s authors smelled like poop to me.  I honestly didn’t get it. I came back with a sample of one that I liked a lot and the booked trashed it!  Oy.

One thing the authors stressed is that it’s highly personal. Yeah.  5 stars or not, there is no way I’m going wear something that smells like poop.  While I thought this would an easy-peasy process, as I had the bible of scents by my side, I realized how intricate and time consuming this can be.  I wished that I would have had a perfume that won the Beautyskew test to reveal to you today but I still have ways to go.

As soon as I pick one, I’ll let you know!  Any suggestions, bring ’em on 🙂

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