Water has been used as a purifier – both literally and spiritually — for eons.  And a big shout out goes to the Native American community for teaching the smelly Europeans the rule of hygiene centuries ago!

But as simple and “old news” as bathing is, its amazing how well it actually rids me of the emotional toxins that can invade my body and soul on a daily basis.  I’m not talking about a hot shower.  I’m talking about a long, hot, filled-to-the-brim bath.

This week at work was tough for me. Lots of good and not-so-good things happened, and I spent a few sleepless nights pondering all of the events and their ramifications.  Then I decided to take a long hot bath this morning.  Sure I felt physically clean as a result.  But it was more than that.  I felt purified.  I felt as though these bad feelings were washed away.  And as I literally emerged from the tub, I also emerged a cleaner, stronger self.

My advice to all of you who’ve had a crappy day?  Don’t drown yourselves in alcohol or a pint of ice cream.  Take a long, hot bath. And imagine those bad feelings being cleaned off and whisked down the drain.

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