Scary sight of sun damage

Not a pretty sight, eh?  This is a pic of my face via a special contraption that allows you to see the skin damage underneath the surface called the “Reveal Imager camera.”  These images keep me motivated in my necessary — no vital — quest to erase the sun’s evil aging effects. For the sake of my face today and, more importantly, my face of the future!

So after pushing off my second laser appointment at Dr. Prasad’s office a few times, I sucked it up and went back.  Let me tell you, I had no time for this but those pictures were seared in my brain and nothing, not even a pitch looming and a black tie affair next week, was going to prevent me from attacking those brown spots!

While I wasn’t totally prepared last time for the pain and subsequent horror show that was my face for a week, this time around I came armed with pain killer and a hat.  I also had some urgent questions:

1. I had heard all this buzz about the superiority of a Fraxel laser.  Was I exposing my beauty potential to the wrong equipment?

2. I was panicking because there were very noticeable brown splotches on my forehead — direct results of the last round of lasering.  Was this process actually harming my skin?  Was my husband’s fear proven right?  (I should add that I ate little but left over Halloween candy the whole day so I was a bit hyper — even for me — so I probably sounded like a lunatic to my doctor!)

Dr. Prasad calmly but brilliantly calmed my fears.  The first thing he did before I launched into my interrogation was to comment on how much better my skin looked.  I’ll admit, I was skeptical but it helped.  Then he explained that because some parts of my skin had been cleared, those other brown parts seem more prominent.  Not to worry, he said, we’ll pay special attention to those splotches today.  Phew.

When I asked him about the Fraxel, he smiled and explained that it’s actually LESS effective and requires more treatments.  He went into quite a bit of scientific detail — of which I understood about 5% — but it sounded pretty damn good to me.  The reason for all the hype around the Fraxel laser is that some doctors invested in it and want to tout it.  Ah yes, beauty is a business after all.

Thanks to holding off on the Retin-A for a few weeks, the Tyenol I popped 15 minutes prior to the session, and the lower intensity of the laser, the whole process was MUCH easier to handle.  Not fun, but not bad.  I even wondered if I should push for MORE intensity to ensure the ultimate result.  Am I masochist or what?

Anyway, I walked out less frazzled than before I came in and certainly less pained than the last time.  I didn’t even mind going back to work (of course the biker hat helped there, plus it completed my bad-ass ensemble of  black leather vest and 4in heels).  Best of all, I must have not  looked too much like a horror show because my husband either didn’t notice my scabs or didn’t think it was horrible enough to comment on.

I’m actually pretty OK, even hopeful about the results.  And even if the laser’s effects don’t totally dissipate in time for a black tie affair, there’s definitely some cool fedoras I’ve been eyeing that could look great with my outfit.

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