I was invited to an event hosted by my favorite beauty doctor, Dr. Prasad.  I barely made it as I was flying into NYC the same night.  But the starts were aligned and my flight arrived on time.  Yippee!
Given Dr. Prasad’s specialty as an eye plastic surgeon, the event, entitled “The Guide to Beautiful Eyes,” was a celebration of beautiful eyes.  While no one came away with eye surgery, we did get free eyebrow waxing from a particular “eye waxer to the stars” and complimentary Pellevé treatments.  Pretty cool, eh?  Pellevé treatment, by the way, is a non-surgical procedure that tightens skin via radio frequency treatments.  In essence a wand heats the skin to stimulate and remodel collagen.
So what did I try?  Both of course!
The Pellevé treatment was painless and seemed to tighten my skin, though I’m fortunate enough not to have too many crows feet yet.  See a Pellevé treatment in action with one of the guests below.

The waxing was a less pleasant experience, however.  But I’m not referring to the physical pain of waxing.  Believe me, once you’ve threaded your upper lip, NOTHING seems painful in comparison.  Yet I digress.  The reason the waxing was painful was the eye waxer’s attitude!.  She didn’t want to do my eyebrows because they were too thin and because I had done some laser treatment the week before.  While I did have some scragglies, I could definitely see her points.  I asked her about threading, which I normally do, and she went off on how bad it is.  Her overall manner throughout the conversation was quite off-putting.  I can buy a logical argument from anyone but I really don’t want to be put down or admonished, especially in an attempt to look and feel beautiful!  Call me sensitive but why would I want to feel bad when I’m trying to look great?
As a marketer of beauty brands, I learned long ago that capturing someone’s imagination and heart isn’t accomplished through scare tactics and a haughty attitude, but, rather, through celebration, education and aspiration.  A great example of this is my hair salon, John Sahag.  No matter how many stars whisk through that place and how expensive and skilled my stylist is, everyone at the salon treats me with the utmost respect and kindness.  That shouldn’t be so hard to do, right?
While Pelleve may be in my future, I’m certainly not abandoning my favorite eye threader anytime soon.

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