I just got off the red eye from Sao Paulo this morning, and boy, did I have a blast.  My week in Brazil was full of hard work, long nights, great food, wonderful scenery and, of course, beauty.  The pic above is me getting a manicure.  I couldn’t bear my half-painted, broken nails any longer; and felt really out of place given how manicured ALL women’s nails were.   I swear, not one woman I met had naked nails.    Which probably explains why the manicure felt more like surgery than pampering.  They take this stuff SERIOUSLY.

Given all I’ve heard and read about the pressure to be beautiful in Brazil (it’s the plastic surgery capital of the world after all), I expected tall, thin, amazingly beautiful glamazons everywhere I turned.

But what I saw was different.  Like everywhere, there are gorgeous folks and the plain Janes.  But what was different was that many more women –from your business women to grandmothers –put an effort into their beauty (wearing make-up, nice outfits and pretty hair) during the week and weekend.

AND, the general body type was not so much rail thin than curvy.  I’m not saying the women were overweight (as we know, “curvy” is often used to describe women who have quite a bit of extra flesh on them) but they were definitely plumper than the typical New York or L.A. fashionista.  As you can imagine, that made me VERY happy…I blended right in!

I’m so looking forward to returning to Brazil.  But next time around, I’m going to stop off in Rio and share some major pics 😉

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