As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t posted in a week.

This is very unusual for me.  No matter if I was on vacation, in the middle of pitches or starting my new job, I ALWAYS posted.

So what happened this time?

I spent the past week at the annual Cannes Lions Advertising Festival with the rest of the global ad community. And I was over-taken by Cannes, France.

First, the weather was so outrageously magnificent and the scenery so breathtaking that I couldn’t contemplate spending time in doors.

Second, I was running around meeting clients, prepping for my presentation, and doing the necessary LATE night socializing (did I say late night?  I’m talking going to bed at sunrise, late night!)

Finally, I was so exhausted just trying to GET to Cannes, that I couldn’t expend any more ounces of energy.  Why ?  Not only was I working late hours to get ready for our presentation weeks before the trip, but I also spent a lot of effort trying to get “Cannes ready”, in other words, getting the hair, clothes, make-up and shoes to ensure I look stunning everyday and night.

But it was all worth it.  If ever you make a quick but lasting impression, its in a place like Cannes where you’re constantly meeting people.  The shopping and beautification process I had to undergo came with its share of struggles (including a major fight between me and my husband over being super late to come home after one particular  shopping excursion).

But despite it all, I was glad I put the effort into looking good.  The confidence it gave me was amazing. And without confidence, there was no way I could network, present in front of an audience, hob nob with clients the way I had, and, of course,  impress the ocasional well-dressed vacationing Parisian 😉


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