I like challenging myself with new adventures, e.g., my communications course, my weight loss plan, my anti-aging quest, to name a few.  Putting these challenges on “virtual paper” forces me to actually meet them (well, to some extent).
I have yet another one.  My apartment make-over.  We have a beautiful apartment and we bought this particular one because it needed no redecorating.  It is modern, spacious, and well-lit.
But we’ve been in the place almost 4 years and it’s time to do something with it.  See pic above.  First of all, it’s gotten its share of marks, dents and scratches thanks to having 3 crazy munchkins running around.  But we also have had two seconds to actually sit down and take a look around.  While we still lead hectic lives, we have a bit more time to pay attention to areas of our lives that extend beyond the basics: food, education, activities and camp.
So, we’re entering into a whole new world: home decor.  We’re not going to break any walls or totally renovate any one room.  But don’t think it will be easy for us.  We intend to paint, add some furniture and even build some pieces.  And with our tendency to over-think EVERYTHING, this could be a long process.
Anyone else would jump at the chance to redecorate, no?  But it’s a challenge of a different sort for me.  It’s a sign of growing up.  I’ll need to spend gobs of money and make some decisive moves.  Of course my kids’ education is super expensive but I don’t blink an eye.  Yet decorating, like other beautifying projects, feels frivolous in a way.
How ironic! I spend everyday celebrating beauty so why do I feel uncomfortable about it?  I shouldn’t.  And the only way to overcome fear, as we all know, is to face it!
So I’m jumping in.  First step, checking out other people’s apartments, and, take in of breath, shelling out for a decorator.
I’ll keep you abreast of this beautification project.  If any of you have good suggestions of decorators, let me know 🙂

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