Ah, July 4th weekend.  There’s always a mass exodus of Manhattanites from the hot steamy streets of New York City to the Hamptons, the “Shore” or up the Hudson.  Certainly it’s much more beautiful outside the City, no?
Ummm, maybe not.  As I was jogging along the West Side Highway this afternoon I was awestruck by the amazing new statues erected along the boardwalk from 59th st to 65th st.  See below for more pics.  They’re  magnificent and make the boardwalk that much more beautiful (to say nothing of giving me the uplift I needed for my run).
Unlike the wooden structures I spoke about last year that blend in to the landscape (Weekend Observations: Stonehendge Along the Highway), these pieces are intricate, well-crafted wooden, metal or stone sculptures that immediately stand out and catch you off guard.  Each has a unique story on an accompanying plaque to intrigue you further.
Not only do I have the pleasure of running along the river with the smell of flowers wafting around me and trees to shade my path, but I now have amazing, beautiful artistic feats by my fellow New Yorkers to inspire me.
So if you want a beautiful experience on the 4th of July, you many not need to leave town anymore.  Just take a jog in my ‘hood.
Happy Holiday!

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