In San Fran Having a Great Time with Colleagues

“It’s not about the end point but the getting there that’s important.”

“It’s the journey not the end that matters.”

“Enjoy the ride.”

Blah, blah, blah. How many times have we heard these trite statements.  I’m not denying their veracity.  I’m just sick of hearing them.

And yet, I have to admit, I’m applying them to my life at this very moment.

You see I’ve been traveling for work A LOT.  And its been great.  In fact, I had TOO much of a good time.  Amidst intense periods of work, I’ve indulged in lots of great food, lots of alcohol, lots of partying, and oh, yeah, very LITTLE exercising.

So you can imagine the result: I’ve turned into quite a pudge-ster.

Of course, I’m not going to stand for this.  I like my body a good 10 lbs lighter (plus I can’t fit into my clothes, yikes!).  I intend to lose the weight.  But my attitude towards this process is different from all the other times I’ve gotten into this state.

First, when I’ve gained a bit too much weight in the past, it’s usually because of stress and overall unhappiness.  But this time it’s different. I’ve gained weight because of great experiences.  The pudginess doesn’t remind me of shitty moments but rather the opposite.  So I’m changing my approach towards getting back in shape.  I’m not going to stay at this weight but I’m going to enjoy all the different stages my body goes through to achieve my desired weight.  In other words, I’m going to enjoy the journey.

How?  Well, right now, my boobs are bigger which isn’t a terrible thing and I can wear some of my old outfits that I put aside a few years ago when I dropped a lot of weight.  And as I lose weight, I’ll enjoy wearing my different bras (I have many for each size).

There’s no doubt I’ll be psyched once I get back to normal.  And I’m sure going to reward myself with a new outfit (or two ;))  But I’m not going to stress myself along the way, but instead play up how I look.

Wish me luck!


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