My parents stayed with us this weekend.  Malfunctioning air-conditioner aside, we had a fantastic time.

As is our routine on Saturday, we all trekked off the synagogue.  While I opted to wear something simple and relatively sweat proof given the temps, my mother wore a form fitting but still season appropriate dress.

Why would you care about our outfits?  Because at 66 years old, my mom looked pretty damn good in that dress.  (Oh yeah, she also happens to be a professor of chemistry; not too shabby, eh?)

After years of me pushing her to wear styles that embrace her great figure, she finally gave in to my nagging.  I hope I look as good as she does at 66, especially because she has never needed to use any fillers or go under the knife.  (Though she gets a killer dye job every 6 weeks on the dot!)

I have definitely had moments of terror that I was losing my physical appeal as I age.  And I just read an article citing how women feel old and ignored by the opposite sex at age 29 (while men feel that way at 58), so I know I’m not alone.  (Personally I don’t buy it; plenty of 29 year olds feel like they’ve barely reached their prime!)  But it kinda makes sense, right?  As human beings, we are biologically inclined to be attracted by youth.  And it’s only fair that young people get their chance to bask in the glory of youth.  All the rest of us did, so why not them?

But as I look at my mom, I’m put at ease.  She doesn’t fight her age; she embraces her beauty with gusto.  If we want to bury ourselves in sorrow and let ourselves go because we are getting older, then we have no one to blame but ourselves for being ignored.

But if we rise to the challenge and say, “Maybe I don’t look 20, but I can look damn good at 45 or 56 or 72,” then go for it!

I certainly will.

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