I recently had to stop using hormonal contraception.  After 7 years of benefiting from no periods, no pre-menstrual symptoms or cysts (the reason I went on in the first place), my body started fighting against these hormones.  Net net, I went from never bleeding to always bleeding off and on.
So, once my last attempt of changing my contraception failed, I decided to go cold turkey.  Off I went.
From a beauty stand point, I noticed some reactions right away.  First, my malasma started fading, yay.  Second, I definitely felt that “hey, I’m pretty damn attractive”-feeling that’s unique to the middle of our cycles.
It was nice to have that back.
Reaction # 2 is a prehistoric mechanism to get us to procreate.  It’s no coincidence that we look and feel our best right around the time we ovulate.
And this got me thinking.
The less we mess with our bodies and let nature take its course,  the more attractive we feel.
Now, could the same be true for aging?
I haven’t gone all-out for anti-aging treatments … yet .   But I still try to rebel against the aging process.
I’m not talking about staying away from the sun…that’s just preventing damage from the environment.
I’m talking about using serums, prescriptions meds and a laser treatment here and there.
But what if I let go of all of that and let nature take its course?  Would I end up feeling more attractive somehow?  Does nature have a reason to let us age the way we do — not to remind us of our mortality but to help us feel attractive in different ways as we age?
I’m not advocating we let ourselves go but just, perhaps, not fight against it?  Could all of our efforts be hindering a change in us that necessary for us to be feel and look that much MORE beautiful?
I’m not ready to give up my rituals and treatments.  But I do wonder if there’s another way to feel beautiful out there that I need to investigate and try out for myself.

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