Forgive me.  I’ve been out of Beautyskew for a while.
But it’s for a GREAT reason.  I have been away at TED conferences for a week.  As you can imagine, my brain has been refreshed and highly inspired for all the wonderful talks I heard and people I met.  And, as soon as all the talks are uploaded on, I will start posting my beauty-related observations…and there were many!
On another note, on the flight over to TED, I ran across a story called the Beauty of Tradition.  Despite the title, the article didn’t spend too much space talking about actual traditions.  Instead, the story called for us to invest in the objects surrounding traditions, e.g., wine cups, challah covers, religious ornaments.
As you can imagine, the beauty of these objects enhances the traditional practices surrounding them.  But the argument goes further than that.  As morbid as this sounds, having beautiful ritual objects are part of our legacy.  When we die and our children or grandchildren pick through our objects, they will undoubtedly choose the beautiful ones!  In other words, invest in beautiful pieces for us to enjoy now AND for our descendants to remember us by.
As I was celebrating the sabbath (or observing it depending how you feel about it :)), I looked at our ritual accoutrements in a different light, and I quietly thanked my mom for always finding a new artifact to bring me and my family.  She gets it.

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