We survived the first week of school.
If any of you have kids, you know that this first week comes with trepidation — for the kids and parents.  Of course the kids will feel their fair share of nervousness.  They are starting new classes with some new kids, and, certainly, with new teachers.  And each year comes with the anticipation of harder and more homework.  When it comes to us, parents, we sense that nervousness and empathize with our kids.
But let’s face it, we also feel a sense of dread.  We have to follow tight schedules again, make sure our kids are TOTALLY ready for school every morning, and, finally, we have to have those daily fights about WHAT TO WEAR, UGH!  Every night before bed time, my daughter and I pick out her outfit for the following day.  Despite having a closet full of cute 6-year old girl outfits, she insists on wearing her brothers’ hand-me-downs or sporty duds.  “Why do you insist on wearing these same shorts every day?!” I demand. “Because I like them!” she yells back. “Why, why, why?” I respond.  We engage in about 20 minutes of this, but, in the end, worn out and dejected, I relent.
But after a day or two of this, I realized something: like me, clothing matter to my daughter.  They give her confidence and comfort.  And given it’s the first few days of school and she needs confidence like no other time of the year, shouldn’t she be able to wear what ever she needs to make her feel great?  I should say so!  I myself played hooky for two hours a few days ago and dropped a lot of dough just to find a girdle to suck in my tummy for a big presentation.  Of course the time I put into finding the dress, shoes and accessories to wear over this girdle was nothing to laugh it either! And why do I do this?  So I can feel like a million bucks and have the extra edge I need to rock at my huge presentation.
So why should it be any different for her ?  It shouldn’t.  I may not love what she wears but at least I can feel good knowing that what my daughter puts on every morning makes HER feel good.  And that’s no small thing.

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