I took a few days off and played stay-at-home mommy.  It was great!  I also took as many opportunities as possible to hook up with my girlfriends.  Luckily, one of my great friends was in from the U.K. for a night so we went out and had some wonderful cocktails.  Btw, Le Parker Meridien’s bar, Nave, has a killer spicy cocktail — the “Bloody Maria” (killer in taste and effect, i.e., major hangover the next day:)).
Fortunately, I also had a wonderful hangover brunch with my friend and terrific market researcher, Natalie Vukosa, at Crosby Street Hotel downtown.  Natalie’s a great fan of Beautyskew and often sends me wonderful, juicy tidbits to add.  Being the good friend she is, she mentioned how few fans actually comment on the blog.  Sometimes I get responses via email, which I love.  But the more comments I get from all of my readers on the blog itself the more people can respond to or debate the topics I raise.
In fact, I would LOVE people to disagree, argue, even blast what I say.  I don’t want to just express myself; I want all of you to express yourselves too!  It’s much more fun for me and I’m sure for you all as well.
So, I’m reaching out to all of you Beautyskew fans to comment, comment, comment.
Much thanks!!!
Ah, the greatest beauty of all — the beauty of friendship.

Knave Bar at the Le Parker Meridien

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