No, I’m not going on “What Not to Wear” or anything like that (th

ough I am getting my semi-annual haircut this week, yippee).

Beautyskew is getting a major make-over!If you’ve been following the blog, you probably have noticed some delay with the posts.  Well, we’ve moved hosts and soon we’re going to be changing our look.

Why a makeover?  For one thing, it’s the American way.  We Americans love progress.  We believe in the power of transformation.  Make-overs are examples of that.  We can go from ho-hum to beautiful with a few snips, a couple of new outfits and a change of lipstick.  (See our post, Britney: An American Icon for further dicussion on that topic.)

Another, more functional reason?  Upgrading the theme, i.e., the look of the blog, will both enhance the feel of it and permit us to do cool stuff on the back end which will help us understand how to improve the user-experience for you.

Please be patient with any weirdness you may encounter with the blog as we prepare for the big reveal in a day or so.  Hopefully you won’t notice many differences until then.

In the meantime, I’ll post my new “do” after my haircut on Tuesday.

Hope you’re looking forward to our new look!


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