I’m REALLY fortunate.  I’ve mentioned already that I am embarking on a new adventure: intense communications training with the Actors Institute.

It’s both exciting and tiring.

For my first session I had to memorize a monologue about chocolate.  And if that wasn’t hard enough, I had to spend 3 hours presenting it every which way in front of an audience, ouch!

Each time I presented, I learned new techniques –what to do and, especially, what NOT to do.  One of the many crimes I was committing during my mock presentations was tilting my head or starting off my talks in a “quiet voice.”  While I didn’t realize I was doing these things,in retrospect, I can imagine WHY I was doing them.  I am very conscious of coming off as too intense or aggressive.  So my little “girl-isms” are probably my attempt to downplay my power.

“That’s bullshit!” says my teacher.  “Why must we women have to come across as less aggressive or intense?” she goes on to stress.

Do we somehow think we will be less “attractive” to our audience if we seem powerful?  And yet I fear appearing like a some scary dinosaur.  I think sounding more powerful could mean I won’t be “liked” by the audience.  After all, the art of communicating is all about making a connection to the recipients of the communication, no?

Thanks to my teacher, I expect to be beaten out of this thinking.  I look forward to a strong, powerful and likable dialogue with my audience any day now 🙂


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