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The Guide to Style team

Just when we thought we had it down — we’ve figured out the right haircut to frame our faces, found an awesome outfit and nice make-up to draw out our features — we’re hit by the realization that the whole world changes once the camera turns on.
That sure happened to me.  More and more I’m in front of a camera.  Either I’m being interviewed for some video or presenting on stage.  While I never much paid attention to these projects, I soon realized that because of the highly visual, YouTube world we live in, people don’t bother to read anything we have to say anymore.  They would rather watch us instead.  Our videos matter a lot more than ever.
One problem.  I look like crap on film! At least with pics you can winnow down to the best shot to present to the world.  When you’re filmed, it’s ALL out there.
Well I couldn’t just sit there and take it right?  I guess I could try to spend my life shielded from the camera (a thought I have contemplated many times, believe me!) or I could fix this problem head on.
So that’s what I did.  I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this amazing duo: The Guide to Style.  The dream team is made up of the beautiful make-up artist and stylist: Alicia Monica, and her partner: actor, model, stylist and on-screen coach, Christopher Johnstone.
So far I’ve met with them twice: first, to share hopes, dreams, concerns and my sense of style, and second, to get an on-screen make-up and fashion tutorial.  They were awesome, not only were they patient and insightful, but they offered the clear advice I needed.
First, Alicia taught me how to contour my rather wide jaw, highlight my eyes properly, and actually wear darker lips (something I’m terrible at).  Of course, I’ll need to get a whole new set of cosmetics and make-up brushes but I knew that was going to happen.
Second, Alicia and Chris looked over my wardrobe to try to gauge the right look for film.  For me it’s a streamlined look with more accessories and wide belts to give me a semblance of a waist.  No dresses.  Think tailored jumpsuits. Unfortunately, my closet is busting out with tons of outfits that DON’T fit this criteria.  Luckily Alicia is willing to brave shopping with me.  (She doesn’t know what she’s in for!)
Despite our 3-hour meeting, we didn’t get to my on-camera coaching.  This includes which angles suit my face, and how to engage with the camera.  This is my BIGGEST issue.
So stay tuned for my new looks and on-camera training.  My goal? To show you some amazing “before” and “after” clips by the end of this adventure 🙂

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