Can you suffer from beauty overload?  In other words, can too much beauty decrease its positive effect on us?
I was thinking about this after hearing a provocative and well-presented talk about the hazards of ostentatiousness within our community.  The argument, which I vehemently agree with, is that public displays of lavishness make those who are less well-off feel ashamed for their lack of wealth.
I’m sure you’d all nod our heads as this too.  But what does this have to with beauty exactly?
If you took each element of a highly extravagant party apart, you would probably notice how beautiful each one of these elements were, e.g., the flowers or the music etc.  But because they are piled one top of one another, they lose their luster.  Being choiceful about what we choose to buy and experience will undoubtedly make us appreciate those singular items or moments more acutely.  Do we need 100 pairs of shoes or bags?  No, of course not.  But maybe we should ask ourselves, will appreciate all those shoes and bags less because we have so many.  Maybe…
I love beauty and I think we should find ways to experience it as much as possible.  But I now wonder whether we need so much of it.  Yes, we should embrace beauty always, but maybe not embrace all of beauty always.

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