Its 6:15 am and I finally get my turn to spend the alloted 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.  Unfortunately, this is NOT one of the better gyms I’ve been to.  But I’m stuck with it as it comes with my hotel.  Like the rest of the hotel, the gym is small, a bit rundown and stuffy.  But I plug in my ear phones, set up my workout program, and begin exercising.  “Just get it over with it,” I think to myself.
But that wasn’t in the cards.
It wasn’t any snafus with the equipment or a loss of battery power on my iPod that ruined my workout.  It was the annoying … no worse … disgusting sounds the man on the elliptical machine next to me was making.  It became unbearable.
What’s with that?  Doesn’t he know that it’s really distracting for everyone else?  No one else is making any sighing/breathing sounds.  Why must he?  Isn’t the environment claustrophobic, sweaty and gross enough without all this caveman behavior?
This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten really annoyed at the presence of fellow gym goers (and let’s be honest, they are always men!)  In some cases these “gym parasites” stink –whether its their body odor or breath; and in other cases, they are extremely loud grunters.
Come on!  Why can’t people obey some rules of etiquette like they would in the “real world?”  Do these “gym parasites” walk the streets of America grunting, making very loud, continual sighs while smelling like some thing the cat dragged in?  No way!
I beg all of you, please obey some basic hygiene rules and social etiquette, and let the rest of us workout in peace!

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