Yup, I got asked the question anyone NOT pregnant dreads to hear: “Are you expecting?  Congratulations!”  It probably wouldn’t have been so bad had it been a one time kind of thing.  But, no!  It was the second time in the course of 2 days I was asked if I were pregnant!

Its not that I was asked this by close friends who may have thought I was trying…which I’m not.  (Three kids are enough…for now.)  It’s that questioners — strangers — were responding to my protruding stomach! (Some large lunches perhaps…)

As you can imagine, I was less than thrilled about this.  I immediately mentioned this to my husband, who laughed it off and then, trying to help, explained that it’s only in comparison to my chicken arms that my tummy sticks out.  I thanked him for his efforts but turned away even more fuming at his confirmation of the comments I’d been getting.

But within minutes of telling my story I was remembered something I had learned a few days ago.

It turns out this week was a Jewish Holiday, the Feast of Weeks, or Shavuot in Hebrew.  And the Rabbi shared a story about a very humble man who was asked by his teacher to spread Jewish teachings to the different towns he visited.  He was reluctant to do so as he didn’t like being the center of attention.  He didn’t want to seem arrogant.  At first glance, you’d think, wow, what a great display of humility.  Something so many of us in this “on-display” age could use a bit of.  Interestingly though, his teacher told him to stop thinking about himself.  Here’s how he responded in a nutshell: “It isn’t about you, it’s about teaching others.  Forget worrying about what other people think, even if you think it may be bad, and be more concerned with what they’ll get out of your wisdom.”

Well, that little story stayed with me.  If this humble, righteous man was being told to stop worrying about potentially coming across as too arrogant, how DARE I spend more than 2 seconds caring whether a few folks thought I was pregnant.

But here’s what I can do: take this whole episode as a little kick in the booty to get in better shape!

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