As I was getting a few minutes of “elliptical time” this weekend, I watched NY1 — the only channel my apartment gym gets these days.  Because NY1 only broadcasts the latest news around NYC, you end up seeing the same scenes and bite-sized stories about seven times over the course of a workout.
This weekend, one scene caught my attention.  Graffiti artists in Long Island City were pushing to have “5 Pointz” turned into a historical landmark.  Why now?  The City is looking to demolish it and build two residential towers in its place.  By turning 5 Pointz into a landmark, the graffiti mecca is saved
As a New Yorker, I totally sympathize with need to create more housing.  Apartments are in high demand and extremely expensive.  The more we can build, the better for everyone.
But in this case, I share the passion for the 5 Pointz protestors.  This site doesn’t represent just another mural on a side street.  It’s a museum of graffiti from a whole slew of international artists.
If you’ve read many of our past posts, you know that I’m a huge proponent of beautifying our cities.  But is beauty more important than housing?  Maybe.  While housing does shelter a large number of people, beauty enhances everyone who sees it.  And that enhancement can lead to happiness, inspiration and hope.
So, is graffiti art worth a protest, even the cessation of important construction?  Yes.

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