Flaky Face!

In case you haven’t been following our escapades on Beautyskew over the past year or so, I’ve spent the last 12 months trying to turn back the clock.  After years of sun spots multiplying on my face, I said “enough was enough” and underwent months of lasering.  While the laser helped, there’s still damage that we couldn’t get to.  It’s not terrible but it requires another solution.

So I turned to Retin A.  Any derm will tell you that Retin A (or a version of it) is gold.  With all the hocus pocus skin care products out there, this is the real deal.  It’s basically vitamin A.

And, as you can imagine,  it wouldn’t be effective without being potent.

Boy is it ever…and that’s an understatement!

I’ve used Retin A before, when I was at my old job, and would call the peeling that I endured “dandruff face.”  But I didn’t care that much and was willing to walk around a bit funny looking to reach beauty nirvana.

Now it’s different.  I’m at a new job, meeting new people everyday and meeting clients throughout the day!  Yikes!

I can’t push it off any longer into the summer because Retin A sensitizes your skin to the sun big time.  But can I really afford to have dandruff face for a long-term goal of even skin?

In other words, is all of this beauty stuff really worth it???


So, like many “challenges”, I’m taking this day-by-day (and dumping a ton of moisturizer on my face throughout!)

I’ll let you know if this is all worth it.  But like any diet or exercise routine we begin, I may need your encouragement to keep it up 🙂


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