Would you walk around looking like you had leprosy for a few weeks for the possible gain of better looking skin?

I say “possible” because I can’t guarantee any real difference.  Sure, we have “before and after” pics in the brochures ensuring us of success. But let’s be real.  We do this stuff based on hope.

Let me back up.

After years of laying off any hard-core treatments for my skin, I decided to get my first-ever skin peel.  While the laser treatments of the past blasted many of my sun spots away, I was left with major melasma.  I had the melasma from years of pregnancy and birth control.  And then I found out from a “dermatologist-to-the-stars” aka an expensive Chelsea NYC-based doctor, that the increased melasma was partly a result of the lasering! Ugh.

For a while I chose to treat it with topical ointments and even laid off birth control.  These measures helped.  But not entirely.

For years I hemmed and hawed about getting a peel.  Peels basically make you look like you fried in the oven for two days and then you have to deal with the aftermath: days and days of peeling.  Not only did my husband threaten to nearly divorce me or kill my doctor after months and months of scabs last time around, but I couldn’t do my job with a scaly face!  I spend most of my working hours in front of colleagues, clients and audiences.  There was NO way I could look like my face was falling off! Oh, yeah, and I was a wee bit scared of the pain.

But two weeks ago I went for it.  Why the change? First, my doctor introduced me to a new peel that is the “rage” in France: Dermaceutic by Precison MD.  Not only is it supposed to be effective but it requires much less “social down time.”  In every-day-speak this means you won’t look like you just came out of a week spent in a kiln.  Also, the peel comes with a month’s supply of products to enhance the peel and speed up recovery time.  Second, and most importantly, I had a good chunk of time where I could afford to have “social downtime.” The last two weeks of December.  These days are fairly quiet and, of course, punctuated by days off for Christmas and New Year’s.  Lot’s of working from home so no one has to see my face going through the transition from old foagy to baby’s butt.  While I do have to go out and about and am not totally cut off from society, I basically hang around the family and good friends.

So what happened?  The procedure was fairly simple and fast.  A little tingling but nothing drastic.  In fact I was kind of worried that the relative lack of drama meant it was a big waste of time. For two days I had what looked like as a sunburn.  And then the peeling began. Wowza.  They call this no social downtime?? It was terrible.  This went on for a week.  The second week my face wasn’t literally falling off but instead I had super dry, scaly skin, especially around the chin and mouth.

Work starts up tomorrow.  Not only am I concerned that my peel hasn’t really led to the benefits I expected but my skin looks like someone snowed all over it and the snow ain’t melting!

I’ll layer my face with make up and hope for the best.  My in-home treatment takes another 2 weeks so I expect this yuckiness to last for a while.  I’ll report back whether all of this was worth it.  In the meantime I’ll just have to hope…and hope.



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