The Nor’easter last weekend created a lot of panic.

Of course there was the usual storm-related fears around buses halting service, trees falling and power outages in thousands of homes.  Yeah, yeah, typical stuff.

But I’m not talking about that kind of panic.

I’m talking about the panic that strikes the fashionistas of the world when realize they don’t have weather appropriate gear to wear!

I admit, I was one of those chicks.

While trudging along in the snow with my kids to find some decent sledding sites, I realized my biker boots are decidedly NOT waterproof.

This kicked off a week of navigating Macy’s shoe dept (no easy feat), and hours of online searches.

Why such a time consuming quest?  Because, for the life of me, I couldn’t find snow boots with a good 3 inch wedge!  The snow boots all have the practical 1 inch heel… go figure.

Throughout my search I asked myself, “come on, do I really need a high-ish heel with something as rough and tumble as snow boots?  Who am I trying to impress anyway as I hike through feet of wet, dirty, cold snow anyway?”

Um, does it matter?

I am a high heel girl:  I look better high heels, I feel better in high heels, and if it means I may have to wait it out a bit until more boots to come to the stores, well, so be it.

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