I finally did it.  I took advantage of personal shopping.  While I was nervous about being pushed to buy a lot, or wear something “not me,” I still took the plunge.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was prepping for a big stage event (the PSFK conference) and I needed to look great and appropriate for the audience.  Plus, I was going to be filmed so I need an outfit that would look awesome on camera too.
Why do I care so much?  Because no matter how prepared I am for a presentation, if I don’t look top-notch, I won’t be totally “on.”
But since I HATE to shop and have so little time, I realized my only option was to get some help, fast.
At first, I settled on Sak’s personal shopping option.  I figured the selection would be greater than that of Bergdorf’s (that’s code for there will be enough mid-priced stuff for me). So I set the appointment.  But every time I had to discuss the details with the “stylist” on the phone (and there were many times) I was turned off.  She seemed a bit scattered brained, tense, and a little, how do I say it, ah, “old”?  I know, I know, that’s ageist of me but she just rubbed me the wrong way.
So, despite my fear of overspending, I contacted Bergdorf’s personal shopper service.  The vibe felt MUCH better.  A few days before my presentation, I landed in NYC from a red-eye, took a few hour nap and then headed off to Bergdorf’s.
I had a pretty good sense of how I wanted to look — part bad ass, part gorgeous and NO SHEATHS — so I thought it wouldn’t take too long.
Weelllll, it ended up taking 3.5 hours!  There were some tough moments.  I was struggling to find something within a reasonable price point but the higher-end stuff did look very tasty.  Finally, we landed on a great outfit, including shoes!
It’s hard to see what I truly looked like in this pic but at least you get a flavor.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t focused on taking a picture of myself before the presentation, as I was too busy practicing at the last-minute.
Was a a bit nervous before getting on stage?  You betcha!  Was I still confident thanks to my great outfit? Absolutely!
Bergdorf: You definitely have a repeat customer!

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