I never shy away from looking nice.  My style tends to vacillate between rocker chic, 70’s sexy and casual business chic.
No one would ever call me elegant.
But I’m working to change that.  Introducing “Project Elegant.”
My son’s bar mitzvah is next weekend.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the elegant invitations that my mother helped me create have inspired me to up my game.
So instead of grabbing the sexy Victoria Beckham dress (which was quite divine, by the way), I opted for something more refined and elegant.  I chose a black Jason Wu number you see in the pic above.  While it’s still fitted enough to satisfy my “sexy tastes,” it looks damn chic and sophisticated.  (Of course a grabbed price Spanx to make it look just so :))
And given its graceful style, I needed a hat to match!  While fedora’s are in style (which are my faves!), I had to step it up and wear something as sophisticated as the dress.  It was pill box time.  A HUGE departure for me.  I ended up getting a black one with lace no less!
Of course, between the hat and the dress (luckily I already had some classic pointy black heels) I needed a pop of red lipstick.  I lucked out there thanks to a great combo from MAC.  The color is entitled “Dare” — I guess you can take the girl out of her sexy rocker chic attire, but you can’t take the sexy rocker chic out of the girl 🙂
Last stop will be hair, brows and red nails to match the lips.
I’ll post the pics from project elegant next week after the bar mitzvah.  Wish me luck!

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