I complained a few weeks ago that I have been enduring dandruff face thanks to a Retina A treatment. (Weekend Observations: Is It All Worth It?)  To review, in order to rid my face of residual sun damage, I’ve resorted to a daily regimen of Retina A applications.  The result?  A lot of flakiness, ugh!

But, in an odd way, I’m kind of enjoying the process.


Don’t get me wrong, I think it looks like shit and I’m self-conscious, especially in front of the clients I’m supposed to impress.  Also, remember I’ve been in in my job for 3 months so I’m meeting new people everyday, and it’s NOT super confidence-building to have dandruff face.

But, that being said, the notion of suffering for long-term gains gives me an odd sense of satisfaction.  It reminds me that improvement is within our reach, and that we have the power, patience, and even the tolerance to suffer a bit to reach a better “place.”

In other words, we’re not just subjects of the world around us.  We have the agency and the maturity to lose a bit in the short-term to make our selves, our families, our world a better.


That being said, I CAN’T wait until my skin starts looks smooth again 🙂


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