After months of travel, decadent client meals and tons of “networking cocktails,” I’ve gained a buttload of weight (no pun intended ;)). I’m not denying my escapades were fun. But the repercussions?… well, not so much.

So I’m trying to get myself back into shape — eating less, exercising more, drinking green juices and trying to carve out some time for an occasional quickie massage.  And like most of us, it’s not fun for me while I wait for my body to respond.

But I had an epiphany.  Well, I should say, my favorite masseuse, Christie, and I had one. We were talking about how my body responds very quickly. On the positive side, it responds to her kneading (and, boy, does she push my muscles). On the neutral/ interesting side, my body gets super hot or cold depending on the temperature of whatever I’m drinking at the moment.  And, on the negative side, my body puts on weight really quickly when I start behaving like a glutton.

Christie listened to my observations and stopped to think for a second. Then she said: “But isn’t that a great thing?!” Huh? She continued: “Isn’t it cool that our bodies are so malleable and adaptable that they adjust for the environment and our behaviors? After all, our bodies could remain rigid and never embrace or adjust for the love, care, and context we are in.”

Wow. How cool is that?

Yes, she is right. I may bemoan my weight gain or lack of stamina. But what my body is showing me is how elastic it is and how it can just as easily (well, maybe not SOOO easily) respond to nourishment and self-love. Our bodies  gain or lose weight because they think we are eating more or less for good reason! Our bodies want to work with us not against us.   And in this day and age when agility and adaptability in our corporate and social environments are key, isn’t it fantastic that our bodies can adapt too?

I’m flying to Miami to speak at eMerge’s WIT (Women in Technology) conference as I write this. While I could fall into my typical set of travel behaviors, I’m choosing to help my body adapt back to it’s healthier state.

Cocktails are still on the horizon, of course 😉

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