Ah, the power of make-up

How was my first week at my new job?  Aside from being overwhelming, scary, exciting, “ah did they make a HUGE mistake in hiring me?”-feeling — all the emotions one typically experiences when starting a new gig, I was gut-wrenchingly, drag-out, sick.


I was hacking constantly, sniffling, naseaous, and, oh yeah, my nose was all scabby from my constant blowing.  Not the kind of first impression I wanted to make during my first days.  And, as we all know, first impressions become imprinted memories.

Every morning I felt like there’s no way in hell I’d be able to get my butt out of the house.

But remember those wise words your mom (or dad) would tell you when you thought there was no way you’d be able to get yourself out of bed?   They went something like this: “just get dressed and you’ll feel better” right?

Well in my case it was, “just put on some make-up and you’ll feel a hundred times better.”

So true.

Once I put on my foundation, layered my various powders, and swiped my amazingly thick mascara along my lashes, something magical happened.  By looking good, I started to feel ten times better.

Sure, I may have ingested my fare share of medicinal aides to get me through the week, but knowing that I didn’t look like total shit gave me the extra oomph to actually smile and seem like I was thrilled.

I’m definitely looking forward to feeling much healthier and more energetic this coming week.  But even if this damn cold decides to linger, at least I have my new MAC lipliner and lipstick in my bag to give me to the lift I need.


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