How often have we balked at the over 50ish guy who tries to look hip using a Razer and wearing Adidas sneakers, or that 60ish woman donning way-too-tight jeans?  OK, maybe that’s not very nice, I admit, but something instinctive happens we see folks trying TOO hard to look young and cool.  We reel back in a combo of horror, embarrassment and “oy, may that never happen to me” reactions.
So what happens when YOU are one of the older folks in a new office?
Well, that’s now MY situation.
I now work in tech where the average age is 27!  And while the office isn’t spilling over with fashionistas, people do make an effort to look “silicon alley cool.”    Luckily I can pass for younger than my nearly 40 years, but I still don’t look like a 29 year-old!
And yet, there’s NO way I want to look frumpy either.  This is a world that embraces the new, the latest, the “first to market.”  Plus, that’s just not my style.
My solution thus far has been to combine a lot of blazers with jeans, toss on some Helmut Lang, and ALWAYS wear slip on some cool shoes.
Still, I wish there were a handbook for folks like us…people who still want to look cool, youngish, and hip without looking like we’re trying too hard.
Any suggestions?
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