main_slogan I know, I know, It’s been a few weeks since my last confessi…uh…I mean post.  The reason?  I was scrambling to get to the South of France last week for the annual Cannes Lion Festival.  This is a week filled with advertising folks schmoozing with one another — in boardrooms, at beach cafes and in late night hotel bars over lots and lots of rose.
Needless to say, the beauty and fashion sightings are tremendous. Everyone gets gussied up.  In fact, I think people went all out this year versus years past.  I, on the other hand, was less crazy about my attire and beauty.  Instead of my multi-week lead up of prep, I ended up bringing favorites from the past years and some new cheapie items (though people loved them and kept on asking which designers they belonged to…haha).
Despite all the beauty and fashion fodder I was able to feast my eyes on everyday, I wanted to focus on one aspect of the trip: The Girls’ Lounge. Every year the founder of research company OTX (she has since sold the company to Ipsos), Shelley Zalis, hosts a girls’ lounge throughout the conference.  There she brings women together to chat, hear from experts, snack on female favorites (candy and cocktails). But what’s even better are the hair, nail and make-up treatments, and styling sessions.  What’s more?  You can take advantage of all this beautifying by getting professional headshots.
What’s with all this beautifying?  Is this really what we’re all about?  After all, most of the ladies in Cannes are intelligent, worldly business women.  So wouldn’t we rather trade insights and business practices?
Well, yes.  To an extent.  Of course we all love some great business sound bites but all of us chicks love beauty too!  But the real brilliance of this space is multi-fold.  First, the overall love we have for beauty, and other girly treats, puts us in a fun-loving mindset.  And that helps us all relax and open up.  In fact, the woman getting her make-up done along with me, had broken down at the lounge.  She was so overwhelmed by Shelley’s generosity.  Second, feeling beautiful gives us all a boost of confidence which in turn helps us rock our worlds.  And finally, getting us to unite around what we all love, e.g., i.e., beauty, we forget how may differ in terms of level, industry and background.  We are all sisters ready to have fun and help one another out.
I wasn’t sure I would have a chance to make the lounge.  Too many meetings in the way.  But I had a window and went for it.  Not only did I come back with some candy, a glamorous look, and a new friendship.
Thank you Shelly, and thank you all for our love of girly things.

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