Oh boy, have I been delinquent.
I haven’t written in a while because I was traveling in Israel with my family only to rush back into a major global presentation to a group of beauty experts.
As you can imagine, not only was beauty on my mind thanks to that darn talk I had to give, but because I was surrounded by beautiful landscapes, buildings and events throughout my travels.
But you know what really changed me?  Something else entirely.
I expected to be wowed by all the beautiful food and scenery during my trip.  But I was most moved by the gorgeous bar mitzvah invitation that my mother helped me design for my son’s upcoming bar mitzvah.
Now, you’re probably thinking either a. of course I’m wowed, I designed it, or b. it’s something close to my heart so I’m going to be moved.  But it’s not really either of those.  It’s the effect the invitations have had on my whole response to my son’s reception.
My husband and I have made it a point not to overdo this bar mitzvah.  This is a reaction in part to the over-the-top bar/bat mitzvah’s we’ve experienced in the past and how we want to stay out of the rif raf; and in part to our belief that the spiritual side of the affair should take precedence over the celebration side of it.  And, oh yeah, we’re kinda cheap too.
But once I saw the actual invitation in its real form — with its beautiful wording, layout, printing etc, — it changed me.  The elegance of the invitation made me want to add more elegance to the entire experience.  More than that, it gave me a boost of confidence that this affair, which I sorta downplayed to my family friends so as not to raise their expectations that it would be highly glamorous and expensive, can be something quite beautiful.  It’s pushed me to raise my game with not just the experience itself, but how I fit into it too.  I never thought of myself as elegant but now I’m striving to meet the bar that these beautiful invitations have set for me.
Who ever thought the invitations could be so impactful?  And what does that mean for other small, physical elements of beauty in our lives?  Can they affect us as deeply as well?  I think so.
Let’s not dismiss the small but elegant physical objects of beauty out there for the taking. They can totally change our attitudes and how we approach the other aspects of our lives.  As long as they’re not TOO expensive, of course 😉

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