Mimi Kirk

On my birthday, my cousin Erin mentioned the name Mimi Kirk to me via a Facebook message.  Given how many messages I got that day (I’m really fortunate to have so many loving people in my life!), I cataloged the info for another day.

Well, I finally checked her out.

Holy sh%^&t, this woman is gorgeous!

And she’s 73 years old!!!

No kidding she looks like she’s in her late 30’s.  Boy, does Erin know me well.  A woman like that inspires me to no end.

What’s her secret?  First of all she’s a vegan — hence her site Youngonrawfood.com.  But, she clearly also has a great attitude.  She doesn’t succumb to how a 73 year ought to dress or wear her hair. No frumpiness for her, no way!  Instead she lets her hair grow long and blonde, and exudes sex appeal — but not in a desperate, “I want to look 20 years old” kind of way.  In fact, she was voted sexiest vegetarian over 50!  Ha!

Like me, she appreciates beauty — beauty of self, of life, and, of course, of food.  Check out the beautiful food photography on her site.

I may not turn vegan, as I still love my fish and ice cream.  But she certainly has given me great incentive to not only eat better but feel great about how beautiful we can all look throughout our lives!

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