The street of My Istanbul Hotel

I know, I know, I’ve been a bit delinquent.  I was on a whirlwind trip last week.  It started with a set of weekend parties in Istanbul and then a week of meetings, presentations, and a lot of Rose in Cannes. I finally returned on Friday to a beautiful weekend in NYC.
While I had planned to check in to Beautyskew, lack of sleep, a non-stop schedule, and iffy wi-fi got in the way.
Let’s chat about Istanbul.
Despite the protests, I was able to party — very well.  It got a little tough Saturday night and Sunday, as the government invaded the protests in Taksim.  Roads were caught off and I wasn’t sure I would make it to the airport on Sunday.  As you can probably tell by now, I made it to France, though I had to take a few different routes to get to the airport.
One of my closest friends organized this weekend in celebration of her 40th birthday.  She’s Turkish but lives in the UK.  Friends from all over the world came to party so it was a very exciting set of days.
I arrived in Istanbul Friday afternoon and went directly to the Taksim area for a late boozy lunch.  Upon returning, I dressed for dinner and dancing in a typical modern Turkish dinner/dance club.   But before dinner we met for drinks in my friend’s swanky hotel suite overlooking the Bosphorus.  A few hours later, during the dancing hours, it started to pour.  That was my signal to slow down.  I was exhausted after all, having not slept on the red eye.
The next day, I walked around the city and then met friends at a new Hammam, a spa-like experience.  Here nearly-naked women scrub very-naked women down.  You can imagine what happened to my self tanning job — went down the drain.  Oh well.
After walking back to my hotel, I dressed for the ultimate party. We all got on boats and sailed to a remote part of Istanbul for a decadent dinner and amazing dancing.  It was splendid.  But in the middle of the dinner, a group made a dash toward a water taxi to return back to Istanbul. Why?  That was when the government forcibly invaded the protests, and these friends, Turkish natives, went back to show their support.
Despite many closed roads, I was able to return safely to my hotel which was only a few streets away from the docks.  I was a bit nervous the next day, so I left for the airport on the early side.  While I ended up having hours to kill, I was fortunate enough to spend it in the airline lounge.
While I love Istanbul, I my stay was too short and too riddled with tension for me to totally enjoy it to its fullest.  Boy, was I ready for a pampered time in Cannes.
Stay tuned for highlight from the South of France coming soon!

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