Last week I described my short but adventurous trip to Istanbul.  I recently reviewed some gorgeous pics from the event and it hit me how amazing the trip truly was.  I think I was so caught up in the partying, political drama and concern around getting to Cannes that I didn’t fully appreciate how spectacular it was.  In my next installment, I’ll share with you some more of these pics as a way to share the story.
But now on to Cannes.  Every year Cannes hosts the Cannes Lions, the biggest and longest advertising award show.  It’s a key event for agency folks, their clients, and other related companies (like Google) to gather, entertain and conduct important business.
I went to hob nob with my clients as well as give a talk along with TED’s Ads Worth Spreading Team.  While it’s a “late-night,” constantly-drinking and socializing time, I took it a bit easier this year.  For one thing, I had boozed and partied it up BIG time in Istanbul.  Plus I hadn’t slept for days especially after flying the red-eye.  For another, I had a talk to prepare for.  And while I had one last year as well, this was a bigger audience and I needed to impress.  Finally, I had learned at the end of my last stay that there are many more sides to Cannes that are gorgeous, serene and exotic.  So this time around, I spent more time exploring those.
Some examples of my other explorations: dinner and lunches in the old town, dining an hour out of Cannes where the delicious wine comes from the winery across the way, and strolling the beautiful shops (especially the chocolatiers) on Cannes’s swanky Rue D’Antibes.
I had my share of Croisette partying of course.  And I capped off my last evening at a P Diddy party until my flight the next morning. But I still feel like my Cannes experience this time was more nuanced, relaxing and eye-opening.
Can’t wait to go again next year!




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