That was my reaction when I saw how much my stylist cut off of my hair last week.  Of course I didn’t say it out loud, but, man, did I say it my head. VERY LOUDLY!
Mind you, I had ridiculously long hair which I put off cutting given how expensive and time-consuming a hair cut is.  But the biggest reason I avoided it for so long was that I wanted a freshly cut ‘do in time for my son’s bar mitzvah.
Of course I expected a few inches off especially since I showed a few pics of Gwen Stefani’s look — a nice, bit-longer-than-shoulder-length mane.
What I got? A barely-touching- my-collar-bone style!  I panicked.  Isn’t long hair key to feminine beauty?
But as it always happens,  I started liking the new look.  I mean really liking it!
See the pics above? That’s me right after my hair cut and me just now in my pjs 🙂
My new hair style has brought out my inner Frenchness.  (Too bad I didn’t have it for my meeting with a particular high-end French fashion company the week before.) You rarely see a French woman with a long mane.  Instead you’d see her with shoulder-length mussed up hair — never too perfect, of course.
And maybe its a coincidence or its serendipity but I started noticing all the recent references to french beauty, including a celebration of Bridget Bardot’s 80th birthday with her top 8 looks of all time and A French-Girl Beauty Rules, both found in Vogue’s most recent online edition.
Nothing new in the stories, but a good reminder of what signal’s french beauty, e.g., never being too polished, eating well, no blow outs, smoky eyes etc.
But what always strikes me is how we, American gals, never tire of french beauty.  No matter what, we see french women as the most glamorous, sophisticated, and attractive.  We may point to many other types of women for raw beauty.  But the French still win as having the most covetable look.
Why?  We have written about french beauty before in Beautyskew.  I think it all goes back to this: there’s just something enduring about looking free-spirited and not-so-perfect.  We don’t necessarily want to look unkempt.  We just want to be mysterious.  When someone looks perfect, you can probably detect the fashionable hair style, the fashion designer and the make-up look of the week.  But when we’re a bit messy and “just-put-together,” it means we’ve added our own, inexplicable touch.  We add some je ne sais quoi that NO ONE ELSE has.
Isn’t mystery what it’s all about anyway?  I’d much rather be alluring than an open book.
So, thank you Thomas, my stylist for 14 years, for giving me what I didn’t even realize I needed.  Thank you for reminding me what being beautiful is all about — allure, mystery, our own sense of style, and yes, even shorter hair! 🙂

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