Queen Esther

A week ago I stayed at the Trump Hotel in Chicago.  And, boy, was it great!

I usually judge a hotel by its bathroom, i.e., the depth of the tub, the modernity of the fixtures, the soap and shampoo collection, and the special lighting.

And my bathroom had it all in spades.

Moreover, the gym was fantastic and had a superb “locker room” that was outfitted with lovely oils, gels and lotions.

Needless to say I indulged in it ALL.  It reminded me why staying at a plush hotel makes a difference.  But more importantly, all of the lotions and oils made me feel great — not just more relaxed but more beautiful too.  I made decision then to invest a little more in similar oils, perfumes, soaps etc.

Well, once I got back to “reality”, I forgot about my decision.  Who has the time and cash to buy all these fancy lotions and potions anyway?

But then I was reminded of the value of these things thanks to the Jewish holiday that just passed, Purim.  You may recall that I wrote about Purim last year (Weekend Observations: A Hottie Saves a Nation).  The holiday celebrates the victory of Jews over an evil man, Haman, and his soldiers.  And this victory is thanks to Queen Esther and her uncle, Mordechai.

What in the world does this story have anything to do with pampering?  Well, Esther became queen after being chosen by the King of Persia, King Ahasuerus, among hundreds of beautiful women across the land.  The story explicitly points to the full year in which Esther and the other “contestants” were bathed, pampered, and anointed in anticipation of meeting the king.   You see where I’m going here?!  Without all this beautification, Esther would not have been chosen to be queen, and, thus, would not have been able to save the Jews from extinction!

OK, maybe I’m reading into this, but still, it’s just another proof point that investing the time and money in the oils, lotions, and soaps that make us feel awesome and look fantastic reap their rewards.

So, go ahead, anoint yourself!  You’ll be in good company 🙂


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