Shoot.  I’m supposed to be stage-ready for a panel Monday AM in Austin for SXSW.  (See the invitation above:)) Normally I wouldn’t be too nervous.   But since we have let the whole world know — again and again — about this event I probably should look the “part”, no?  Of course people aren’t coming just to look at me.  They are coming, hopefully, to listen to what my fellow panelists and I have to say.

But still….if you’re on stage, you’re on stage right?!

I thought I was golden because I know of a few people who offer free makeup and blow outs at all the major conferences. (Can’t vouch for the salons in Austin so I steered clear, plus I’m always game for a freebie).  But don’t get too excited.  It turns out they close up shop the night before my panel.  So make-up would have to be a DIY job.  But I could sleep on a new hairdo, right?  Well, not quite.  My plane decided to be late (as usual) and so I missed my appointment :(.

Couldn’t I have at least gotten some professional help with my eyebrows or nails before I left. Not a chance, I just flew in from Brazil two days ago.  I barely had time to kiss my kids and pack for Austin!

Time for some MAJOR Beauty DIY.  Since my flight was mid-day, I was able to run over to the drug store between dropping off my daughter at fencing, pick up some nail polish and fake eyelashes (a tip I learned from my talk in Montreal :)).  While at fencing I did a half assed job polishing — too rushed.  But from afar, unless the audience is wearing magnifying glasses, I think I should be safe.  Same goes for any facial hair extraction.  I did the best I could and hoped for a high stage :).

For make-up, I brought my stage loot so at least I won’t look light a ghost.  Luckily I packed the last of my volume spray just in case to give my locks a bit of a boost.

What’s the lesson here?  Never assume anyone else can take care of your beauty.  Of course professionals are ALWAYS better.  But like in life in general, you can never guarantee what’s going to happen to you.  It may be you and only you in the end.  The key to being stage-ready is the key to life.  Prepare and hope for the best but be agile, clever and equipped enough to kick ass even if life throws us for a loop.

And I’m not alone in my thinking!  As I was writing this on my flight to Austin, who happens to sit right near me but the famous make-up YouTube star, Michelle Phan!  She and I know each other and we started gabbing about my make-up woes.  She told me that she had five minutes to get ready for her Teen Vogue event yesterday in NYC because she over slept.  So she had to not only go DIY but had to do it in a flash.  Of course it all worked out and she was stunning!

Hopefully I’ll have the same luck!

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