See that? 
That’s my face after 4 uncomfortable, scabby-leaving laser treatments.  I still am not thrilled with the progress.  Ok, maybe my expectations were unfair but I thought I would look much better at the end from all of this!
Ironically it’s in vogue to have freckles according to Into the Gloss.  Backstage at the Chloe fall show, models were getting freckles painted on to them.  Of course they can be washed off with some soap and water!
Good news is that I’m going to see the Doc on Tuesday.  We’ll inspect not only my skin’s surface but the degree of “damage” I inflicted on my damage — from the sun that is.  I’m going to let it be known that I expected a more beautiful outcome from this process. 
I have a feeling I’m going to get enticed to undergo more treatments.  This means, of course, more trips to the Dr., more scabbiness and more cash!  Ugh.  But I’ve gone this far.  Does it really make sense to turn back?
On the bright side. Dr. Prasad is promoting a new long-lasting lash enhancing product and I was offered a free trial worth $250!  Of course I said “sign me up!”
Am I a sucker or what?
Stay tuned for Tuesday’s report….

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