With 3 kids and a demanding job, you could probably imagine that the content of my daily conversations range from sailing camp to client requests to the three little pigs to what to order from Fresh Direct.  And I know I’m not alone.

But whenever I’m chatting with female colleagues, friends or even casual acquaintances, a beauty related topic inevitably arises.  It could be as small as, “hey, dig those shoes.”

Yesterday, I mentioned to a few women that I was writing a daily blog.  They were immediately interested and asked me the topic.  I described the subject matter and the conversation ended right there and then.  I guess that made sense given that one of them is a producer for a business network and the other is a hospital administrator.  Why would they care?

The subject quickly turned to Chelsea Clinton’s mysterious wedding.  Within 2 minutes the conversations went like this:

Friend 1: Isn’t Chelsea looking really good these days?

Friend 2: Absolutely.  Amazing what a good blow-out could do.

Friend: 1: Yeah, she’s really doing something right there.  What do you think she’s going to wear?

Interesting, no?  Even among those who display no interest in the topic of beauty, the conversation eventually turns to it in some way.

I wonder if we could quantify how often beauty comes up in women’s casual conversations.

That would be a cool experiment.  What do you think?

Stay tuned this week for a survey on this very question.

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