IMG_20140206_163545877Whether we like it or not, how we appear isn’t just a part of the “package” anymore.  It’s become KEY.
Our CV’s aren’t our calling cards or the only entrée into a job or network.  Instead it’s the online video of our last talk that people will check out.
We can complain and moan that we’re all on display now, or we can embrace it.
I came to this harsh truth when I saw a pic of myself in Fast Company in the Feb issue.  It’s a pic among thousands of others that I asked someone to take to be used as professional heads hots.  Because I didn’t pay the big bucks, I was stuck with only 1 or 2 that were worth anything.  For the Fast Company piece, I was asked for a certain pose and my shots with that pose were less than ideal.  Ugh.  So when I opened the magazine which I finally pushed  myself to buy in a Hudson bookstore in JFK airport, and saw the pic, I was not pleased.  I knew that many will have seen my pic along with my title.  And that’s about ALL they’ll know of me.  In other words, Abigail Posner = Dowdy.
Of course, we don’t want people to assume a person’s character or create expectations of someone else based on their pic or video alone.  But in our highly visual world, it’s hard not to.
Yet, there’s another side to this phenomenon too.
I ran into some one at a wedding last night whom I had met casually a few weeks ago.  She said she looked me up and watched one of the my talks.  And from the video she got to “know” me a bit.  I liked that.  So instead of judging me on that one introduction, she had another way to learn about me.
No matter what, we are going to be “seen” a lot more and people are going to learn about us and, yes, maybe even judge us on how we look or appear.  So instead of complain about it, I say invest in some great pics (and get your hair and make-up done beforehand!) and find a way to turn your 2D resume into a video.  I guarantee you’ll be better off.

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