I was walking in the streets of the Upper West Side of NYC with my younger two kids this morning.  During a conversation with my daughter, my 9-year-old son interrupts me to let me know he just saw something cool.  A minute earlier, he happened to notice a logo for a waxing salon, maxwax. (See above for logo.) He was impressed by how the logo positioned the letters so that they almost looked like “max” and “wax” were the same words.
I took this moment to broaden his appreciation for design. I said, “this is why design is so cool.  If all we saw were those same exact words printed in regular typeface on a white background, we probably wouldn’t have noticed the words, let alone took such delight in them.”
No question, beauty elevates our spirits even when it comes in the form of a simple logo for a waxing salon.
I grew up with a keen sense of fashion and make-up, but I never really noticed my aesthetic surroundings, let alone took any delight in them.  I want my kids to be more aware than I was of all the beauty that they encounter in the streets, in their schools and in their friends’ homes.  If my kids’ report cards are any indication of their future interests, art is never going to be a great pursuit for any of them.  But that certainly doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate it and make their lives that much happier because of it.

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